प्रोग्राम: सिमरन साधना, समय: सुबह 4:00 बजे | प्रोग्राम: माँ दुर्गा आरती, समय: सुबह 6:03 पर | प्रोग्राम: सांई आरती, समय: सुबह 6:08 पर | प्रोग्राम: खाटू श्याम आरती, समय: सुबह 6:14 पर |
प्रोग्राम: दिव्य दर्शन, समय: सुबह 6:20 पर | प्रोग्राम: बाबोसा आरती, समय: सुबह 6:25 तथा सांय 7:00 बजे | प्रोग्राम: चालीसा, समय: सुबह व सांय 6:30 बजे |
प्रोग्राम: महान संतों की आरतियाँ, समय: सुबह 7:00 तथा सांय 6:00 बजे
Friday, May 29, 2020

Theme Songs

Tum divya ho is the theme song of #ChannelDivya sung by Wadali brothers, Harshdeep Kaur, Shaan and various other artists. Channel Divya believes in novelty and therefore offers almost five hours of fresh content of various taste and flavors to its viewers which help them refresh there mind, body & Soul with positive rhythms. Through our content we have helped to connect people across the globe and promote harmony between the spiritual traditions. A path where they can enjoy peace and relaxation through some of the most beautiful tracks dedicated to our Creator. Mantras, bhajans, aarti, sacred music, gurbani & shabad and a lot more which have a special power within it that serve the purpose of transcending, uniting and elevating the human spirit. Channel Divya viewership is loyal and respect its programming content. We are associated with millions of viewers across the globe and regular encouraging feedback from the viewers’ strengths the grounds of our endeavors. Our concept is to provide enlightened entertainment in the modern context and convey to our viewers of all ages, spiritual and religious enlightenment in the form of entertaining divine programs which allow audiences in reviving spiritual values. Hence, create a path whereby viewers can experience uplifting of the soul. Channel Divya believes that music is the heart of our soul. It is like a fuel to our body which gives us energy and enables one to think with the heart and feel with the brain. In the form of entertaining divine programs we allow our audiences in reviving spiritual values and connect with the supreme power to attain external blessings. In this age of fast changing Cultural Revolution, Channel Divya has awakened the spiritual quest in the younger generation and is immensely watched by the viewers between the age group of 15- 40 years which is a remarkable achievement for the Channel which has conceptualized exclusive programs especially for the youth.

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