प्रोग्राम: सिमरन साधना, समय: सुबह 4:00 बजे | प्रोग्राम: माँ दुर्गा आरती, समय: सुबह 6:03 पर | प्रोग्राम: सांई आरती, समय: सुबह 6:08 पर | प्रोग्राम: खाटू श्याम आरती, समय: सुबह 6:14 पर |
प्रोग्राम: दिव्य दर्शन, समय: सुबह 6:20 पर | प्रोग्राम: बाबोसा आरती, समय: सुबह 6:25 तथा सांय 7:00 बजे | प्रोग्राम: चालीसा, समय: सुबह व सांय 6:30 बजे |
प्रोग्राम: महान संतों की आरतियाँ, समय: सुबह 7:00 तथा सांय 6:00 बजे
Friday, May 29, 2020


Sunderkand Path is a chapter in Ram Charit Manas which is written by Goswami Tulsidas. #SunderKandPath is considered auspicious to read, same as to recite the Hanuman Chalisa. In the Sunderkand Path, Jambavan reminds Hanuman Ji about the fact that Hanuman Ji has really great powers that he has no memory of. In this case particularly, Hanumanji is reminded about the fact that he can fly. Jambavan encourages Hanuman to fly across the mighty ocean. It was really important for Hanuman Ji to fly across the ocean to reach Seeta Maa, who has been abducted by Raavana. Wherever the sweet melodious words of Sunderkand Path are recited whole heartedly, Hanuman Ji is present there. Sunderkand Path is a flow of mantras that helps you to achieve certain things and success in your life. It helps you to lead a great life. Mantras create a positive vibration around you that fills you with positivity and leaves you motivated. When one recites Sunderkand Paath regularly, all the negative thoughts are crushed automatically. It gives one spiritual upliftment and materialistic boon too. By Sunderkand Path is recited will full faith and devotion, one can have many benefits.

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