• Top 4 bhajans of this Month on Channel Divya



    Here are the top 4 Bhajan (Devotional Songs) that we've collected for you. Immerse in the deep bhakti of the Lord through these renditions sung by Divya Stars:

    1. Mayia Ka Deedar Durga Bhajan by Harish Kumar:

    Maiya Ka Deedar is a Durga Bhajan which describes, Bhavani. She is an avtar of the Hindu Goddess Parvati. She is a form of Durga, who is  "giver of life". She is considered to be a mother who provides protection to her devotees.



    2.  Durga Bhajan, Bolo Jai Mata Ki by Miss Komal 


    #HindiBhajan Bolo Jai Mata Ki is dedicated to MaaDurga which speaks about the glorification of GoddessDurga.

    3. Aisa Kehda Kam Pae gaya Krishna Bhajan by Amandeep Pathak

    Asie Kheda Kam Pae gaya is a Bhajan dedicated to Lord Krishnawho is the unique Supreme Power, the source of all that exists. 

    4.  Gal Ban Jaugi by Balbir Mast

    #PunjabiBhajan, Gal Ban Jaugi  is dedicated to Maa Durga, the mother of the universe and power behind the work of creation, preservation, and destruction of the evil. 

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